Microsoft Office is very necessary productivity software developed by the multinational technological company Microsoft. Microsoft Office/ MS Office is developed by the Microsoft. The software was first introduced on 1st August 1988 by Bill Gates in Las Vegas. When Microsoft Office was first introduced, the first version of it contained Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Word, and Microsoft Power point. After few years of the release of Microsoft Office become a business software and billion of people are using this by downloading the Microsoft Office setup.


After people had used this software, it became very popular, and the office prepared more products and added Microsoft Access, Microsoft tool, Microsoft notebook, etc. Microsoft office also available and support various devices like iOS, Android, Windows, by installing the Microsoft Office setup. In most of the smartphones, it does not require to download or install it as it comes preloaded loaded with the device, mostly in Windows phones.


Now, the office is very popular and famous all over the world, and it is used in many government offices, private offices, Banks it help the task of the people in the world. The original version of the Microsoft Office software is the desktop version. Microsoft Office is the unique software there is no other software as Microsoft Office works.


Microsoft Office is the unique software there is no other software as Microsoft Office works, and in the world, there are many software out of which Microsoft office is one of the best used software. Microsoft office setup is the main way to get the software because to use the software first it is important to install the setup. So, today I am going to discuss about the Microsoft office setup, what Microsoft office setup really is and how it works.


Office Setup

www.office.com/setup To get started with your Microsoft Office Installation you must need valid product key code & visit  and we can also help you with your entire process to setup office product online.

Important features

www.office.com/setup is the best popular official software in the world as it is mainly used in government office sector, some of the important features of the Microsoft Office is as follows: While using Microsoft Office software, you can access external data through Office data connection. Microsoft office always uses own widget set. It allows opening the data or document from another version of Microsoft Office. In Microsoft Office, you can open more than three pages at a time to type or read.

How to proceed

First of all sign in to your office account at www.office.com/setup Now redeem your product key. If you don’t have a account yet then create a new one and use the same Microsoft login credential to sign to your My Office account.

Best Office value

Office 365 flexible subscription plans let you pick the option that’s right for you. Choose an individual plan or one for the whole household. Get the full installed Office applications Office 365 includes the new Office 2016 apps for PC and Mac, like Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and One Note. 1 TB OneDrive cloud storage OneDrive keeps you connected to what’s important—friends, family, projects, and files—anywhere, on any device.

Our Services

Install Office Setup – Sign-in to you microsoft account and then Enter 25 digit alphanumeric office setup product key on www.office.com/setup. Select country and language.click on next to start office installation.


Where to find Microsoft Office Setup Product Key?

Microsoft Office Setup Product Key is combination of 25 alpha-numeric characters and is printed on the back side of your Microsoft Office Setup Card.

Here is the sample of 25 digit alphanumeric Product Key : ABD3M-GRT5B-45RFJ-W3R5Y-C5T7U


How to proceed with Microsoft Office Setup online:

Steps to Download Office Setup

Follow these steps and download the complete office suite in your computer:


1. Visit the Microsoft Office official site www.office.com/setup


2. Now you will see an option to purchase it.


3. Just download the Microsoft setup file.


4. Now, download the setup file from the official site office.com/setup


Within a few minute, your office will be downloaded on your computer. The downloading time depends on the speed of your internet. Now, the next process is to install it in your computer.


Read the steps below Office Setup install:


1. Find the folder where you have downloaded the office setup.


2. Double click on the setup file.


3. Click ‘Yes’ in case any dialogue box appears.


4. Now an agreement with complete detail will be displayed on your screen.


5. Read the agreements before click on ‘Next’ or ‘Yes’ button.


6. Click on “Yes” and select your preferred language.


7. Now wait until it gets installed in your computer. It might take several minutes.


8. After a few minutes, the installation will be done.


Activate the Office Setup with the Product Key


While visiting and downloading the office from the website. You would have received an email having the product key in it. You need to enter the product key in the search bar.By doing this, your office setup will be ready to use.


1. You can find the Product Key, (a 25-character code) on your receipt. If you have purchased it via any offline store then check on the back of the card inside your product.


2. Enter the Product Key and click Next.


3. Now, you will be prompted to sign in to the Microsoft account.


4. Login with your credential details or create an account incase you don’t have an account.


5. Sign in to it and manage your Office products and subscriptions.
6. Select your Office product, click on install button and follow any additional prompts by which you can complete the installation.


Voila! Your office is now ready to use and you can use it anytime and anywhere. If you have still some doubts and looking for Office Customer Support, feel free to reach at us by the given mobile number.


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